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Monday, October 27, 2008

Musing Monday ~ Economy Effects

Today's Musing Monday asks:

"How has the economy impacted your book buying? Do you think it’ll change the reading and book-buying habits of the country? Will it increase your library visits? Will it make you wait for the paperback edition instead of buying the hardcover?"

Actually, I haven't ever bought a ton of books brand new. I go through our library (which is linked to many libraries across the state with free inter library loan!!) or I buy from our local book exchange. However, I do sometimes buy new. I like to support authors and sometimes I don't want to wait for the book! I don't think my habits will change.

Will it change the habits of the country? I certainly don't think it will change the reading habits. I mean if you love to read, you're going to read! But it will likely change the book buying habits. Many people will probably use the library more or buy used. Gotta do what we can to keep up our reading habit!

It's hard to say, though. In my opinion, those who understand this book addiction would never consider not reading because of the economy and some won't stop buying books because of the economy (or at least not drastically change their established buying habits, whatever they are).

It's a reader thing. Non-readers don't usually "get it." (Which is ok, because readers don't usually "get" non-readers! *grin*)

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  1. No matter what, I will always buy books. I have to force myself not to! I really do. If I have books to read, I try really hard to not buy until I have most of them read. However, there are just times where I have to buy a book. For example, I bought The Shack a while back, because I work at a Christian radio station and so many listeners kept asking about it. Actually I didn't buy it, my husband did (we are so seriously linked what he does I do too), but anyway, we had books to read, but we bought it anyway. I usually allow myself to buy at least one book a month new which I buy during the release weekend, because a friend of mine told me that it is better for the author that way. My son reads a lot for school and pleasure, and I will buy him roughly two books a month new. Other than the one new book I give myself a month, I typically stick with the library, thrift stores, book exchanges, and winnings otherwise. I also develop an extensive "by me this" list. My father has always bought me books and even now at 41, I can still count on Pops to buy me between 10 to 15 books for Christmas and my birthday. My husband also has this list. He really appreciates having a heads up. :)

    I would not consider not reading because of the economy. It is still one of the best forms of entertainment out there. I get to cast my own mind movies. :) Also what can be better for keeping the mind young. Book reading also gives us an excuse to go out. My husband and I spend many a Saturday morning chilling out in the park with coffee and a good book. :)

    Love the topic, Sunny!