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Monday, January 26, 2009

Musing Monday ~ Lending Books

Today's Musing Monday asks:

A few weeks back we had a question about borrowing books, this week I was wondering what your policy was on lending books. Do you lend books to anyone? Just friends? Only big readers? How long are they allowed to have them?

I don't mind lending books to friends, but I wouldn't want to lend to people I don't really know. I am not a book-pusher who says, "Here, take this you have to read it," but more of a, "Hey if you'd like to borrow any books just let me know."

It doesn't matter to me how long they keep them, as long as I get them back eventually. Well, a year might be pushing it because surely anyone can get a book read in a year. I did lend some books to a lady in a bible study (at a different church than where I go) almost two years ago and still haven't gotten them back. I hate wondering if I should call her and ask for them back or not. I'm such a non-confrontationalist!

As a side note, I know some people don't lend out books because of what shape they will be in when they return and I don't blame them. I wrote in previous posts that I like to keep my books looking as good as possible, so I do hope that my books come back in the same shape they left, and that does make me want to hesitate on lending them out. But at the same time, people are more important than books and I'd rather someone be blessed by reading it than me hording it so that it doesn't get out of shape. If it comes back a mess (and they have before) I mourn the loss but it's not the end of the world. I know, I'm a freak but I know I'm not alone on this! :o)


  1. You have a great attitude. I wish I could be more generous with my books, but it upsets me when they aren't returned and they don't come back in good shape.

  2. I am not a book pusher either...if I feel strongly about a book, I might purchase it as a gift for people I think would enjoy it as well. I too care for the condition of my books...treat them like precious cargo, so when I loan them out, I might make a joke about taking good care of them but in a way that lets them know I am being kind of serious:)

  3. Book condition is just not that important to me. Give me a well-loved book over one that looks like it's never been opened anyday.

  4. I love to share with others what I am reading and recommend books to them, but I like my books in a certain condition and that is what makes me stingy in lending.