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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Booking Through Thursday ~ Inspiration

This week Booking Through Thursday asks:

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

Reading is an escape for me most of the time. So I like to read fiction that takes me to interesting places with characters I can connect with and get wrapped up in their story. I like experiencing places and cultures I haven't been to before but I also like reading about places I have visited/lived and connecting through nostalgia.

Since the world has too much violence and foul language and perverse things I don't want to read about it as well. Books that contain those things turn me off and put me in a bad mood. Not that what I read has to be light and fluffy by any means, just not foul. I am inspired more by a good story especially if it's romantic, suspenseful, or historical. I also like books with humor woven in where I can't help but laugh out loud.

As far as non-fiction, I get inspired by books that pull me out of my tunnel vision and help me grow spiritually. One of my favorites is Beth Moore. I love how she is on fire for God and inspires others to do the same.


  1. I totally agree with you about not needing to read about all of the foul, peverse things that are already in the world. I hate to admit it, but that's why I haven't read some of the "modern classics" is because of the foul language.

  2. Ah yes, the escape element. Forget the Calgon, Books take me away... :)

  3. It is an escape, and it is enjoyable. Happy BTT.

  4. Great answer. I love to read to escape too!

  5. I have wanted to check out Beth Moore do you have any recommendations?

  6. Yes! I recommend anything from Beth Moore! You can check out many of her studies here. I had never heard of her until we did a ladies bible study with her Believing God video series. Wow! I highly recommend that one to start out with, especially if you do the video series with it (she offers that and another one of her studies online).

    But you can go to that link and click on what is there to see what they cover and some of them have a sample video you can watch too.

  7. I love reading to escape also. It's so fun to get wrapped up in the life of an interesting character. :)