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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays ~ Fictional Leaders

Today's question for Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays is:

With the presidential inauguration coming up this week, I thought it would be fun to talk about our favorite fictional politicians. Even though we generally talk about books, feel free to expand your answer to include movies and television shows. Why do you like this fictional leader? What qualities do they possess that you wish our real politicians possessed?

On the flip side, who is the worst fictional politician you've read about (or seen on TV) What makes them so bad?

Hmmm, since I haven't read too many fiction political books I'll go with movies. Off the top of my head...I really liked the president from the movie Air Force One (of course who wouldn't like Harrison Ford?) because he didn't cower down and did what it took to save everyone on the plane. I also liked the movie The American President (with Annette Bening and Michael Douglas). I'm not usually a big Michael Douglas fan but I liked how it showed the president as a human being...and with integrity.

I did not like the Vice President (don't remember his name) in the movie The Day After Tomorrow because he was pigheaded and wouldn't listen. He could have saved a lot of lives if he wasn't so full of himself and would actually listen to potential danger.

I'm sure I'll think of others later but these were off the top of my head. Go over to My Friend Amy's to see what other's are saying!

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  1. We agree! Well at least halfway (smile)

    Enjoyed your post/answers - mine are up at Free Spirit blog-