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Monday, June 15, 2009

Musing Monday ~ Award Winners

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about award winning books…

Do you feel compelled to read prize-winning (Giller/Booker/Pulitzer etc) books? Why, or why not? Is there, perhaps, one particular award that you favour?

I don't feel compelled at all to read prize-winning books; I don't seek them out because of the award. But if I'm trying to choose which book I want and I've narrowed it down to a few, the one that's a prize-winner might have a little more pull than one that's not, but not necessarily. Mostly I choose books by description or by the author. For instance, if Susan May Warren has a new book out I know I'll like it without having to read the description.

Awards are a little bit like reviews to me...I don't always agree with them. There are books that received an award that I felt shouldn't have, and there are books that I thought were tremendous but didn't get it.

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  1. I like picking up books by Nobel prize winners and Booker prize books too suits me fine!

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  2. I don't seek them out either.

  3. I'm with you - there are some authors whose books I will always pick up regardless of any prize, description, or review.

  4. I agree, some wonderful books did not get an award! There are a few authors that I will pick up their books regardless what they are about.