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Monday, April 20, 2009

BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker ~ Giveaway!!

I am half way through this book and am completely hooked! I was hoping to be finished and able to write a full review by now, but I'll have to add it later. But with what I've read so far, I highly recommend BoneMan's Daughters (besides, you can't go wrong with Dekker!).

Ok, ok, the part you're really interested in...Hatchette Books has generously allowed me to giveaway a copy of BoneMan's Daughters! Just leave a comment with your email address on this post and you'll be added to the drawing. I'll leave it open for one week and randomly draw a name next Monday, April 27th. This is only open for addresses in the USA and Canada.

Not sure if you'll like it or not? Since I don't have my review up yet, here are some other reviews to give you an idea of what to expect:

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And be sure to check out all the goodies below, including the first chapter and a trailer video!

Boneman's Daughters
Center Street (April 14, 2009)
Ted Dekker

Would you kill an innocent man to save your daughter?

They call him BoneMan, a serial killer who’s abducted six young women. He’s the perfect father looking for the perfect daughter, and when his victims fail to meet his lofty expectations, he kills them by breaking their bones and leaving them to die.

Intelligence officer Ryan Evans, on the other hand, has lost all hope of ever being the perfect father. His daughter and wife have written him out of their lives.

Everything changes when BoneMan takes Ryan’s estranged daughter, Bethany, as his seventh victim. Ryan goes after BoneMan on his own.

But the FBI sees it differently. New evidence points to the suspicion that Ryan is BoneMan. Now the hunter is the hunted, and in the end, only one father will stand.


Ted is the son of missionaries John and Helen Dekker, whose incredible story of life among headhunters in Indonesia has been told in several books. Surrounded by the vivid colors of the jungle and a myriad of cultures, each steeped in their own interpretation of life and faith, Dekker received a first-class education on human nature and behavior. This, he believes, is the foundation of his writing.

After graduating from a multi-cultural high school, he took up permanent residence in the United States to study Religion and Philosophy. After earning his Bachelor's Degree, Dekker entered the corporate world in management for a large healthcare company in California. Dekker was quickly recognized as a talent in the field of marketing and was soon promoted to Director of Marketing. This experience gave him a background which enabled him to eventually form his own company and steadily climb the corporate ladder.

Since 1997, Dekker has written full-time. He states that each time he writes, he finds his understanding of life and love just a little clearer and his expression of that understanding a little more vivid. Dekker's body of work encompassing seven mysteries, three thrillers and ten fantasies includes Heaven's Wager, When Heaven Weeps, Thunder of Heaven, Blessed Child, A Man Called Blessed, Blink, Thr3e, The Circle Trilogy (Black, Red, White), Obsessed, Renegade, and Chaos.

If your an avid Dekker fan, and would like wallpaper and counters for your blog, go HERE.

You can listen to an audio clip HERE

Watch the VIDEO:

If you would like to read the first chapter of Boneman's Daughters, go HERE


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