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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays ~ Christian Bookstores

Today's Faith 'n Fiction Saturday Question:

While books and bookstores in general are suffering, Christian bookstores are suffering even more in this economy. Do you have a Christian bookstore that you shop at? Why don't you tell us about your local Christian bookstore and the benefits that if offers. If you don't shop at a Christian bookstore, then please tell us where you get your books, music, and other Christian gift items.

There are two Christian bookstores that I visit regularly. One is in our small town and is a branch from another town. I like browsing through there when I can and seeing what's new and what's on sale. They also have a great kid's section. I like going there because I don't go to town very often and there's not much to do there anyway. So it's nice to go there and soak in the atmosphere and the new-book smell!

The other one is in a larger town nearby (the town with the closest Wal-Mart!). It is called Garden of Readin' and it's bigger than the local store (but still not all that big) and usually has more on sale. They also have a coffee shop and a room for kids to play in while parents shop!

If I'm going to buy new, these are the places I support them and because I want it NOW! :o) Otherwise, if I buy used I either go to the local book exchange store or Amazon. The only thing I don't like about these stores is they don't have enough room to keep books around and if I need an earlier book in a series I have to order it. I hate ordering. But the plus side is they have sales more often to get rid of the old to make room for the new.


  1. How cool to have a coffee shop and a place for the kids to play!

  2. Enjoyed your answer. Your situation is better than mine locally - cool!

    My answer is up at Free Spirit-

  3. I think it's nice to shop everywhere! :)

  4. I liked your answer. There are two Christian book stores in my area. I typically only go to Family Christian Store which is a chain. I try to pick up any Christian items there. They did pretty well off me the other day. I bought a Beth Moore Bible Study, Havah by Tosca Lee, John 3:16 by Max Lucado and three music CDs. I did have a great coupon and they had some awesome sales. I didn't realize there was another one in our area until the other day when I was grocery shopping and I saw one in the plaza. I think I'll check it out soon. :)

    I do wish they had coffee or something in there. Us Christian readers like to drink coffee and chat! :)

  5. Ooooh, I like the sound of that Garden bookstore! It sounds cozy! So awesome to have a place that caters to families with children. Thanks for sharing.

    Mimi B

    Woven by Words

  6. I have found that buying from an online Christian Bookstore is such an easy way of finding what you are after, saves endless legwork, especially when you are after something specific. Heres a goodie -