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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturdays ~ Biblical Fiction

Today for Faith 'n Fiction Saturday...

One of area of Christian fiction that is thriving is Biblical Fiction. Biblical fiction, in case you don't know, is when an author takes a story from the Bible and imagines more of the details. Tosca Lee's Havah would be a recent example of Biblical fiction.

What I want to know today is how you feel about Biblical fiction. Have you ever read any Biblical fiction? Did you enjoy it? Do you think Biblical fiction helps us to understand people who lived during Biblical times better or do you think that it's unnecessary? Have you ever read any Biblical fiction that offended you?

I've only read a few Biblical fiction books but I have enjoyed them. I am fine with them as long as they don't distort the Bible. I did enjoy Havah by Tosca Lee. There is certainly not much information in the Bible about Eve and I thought Tosca did a great job of her "it could have been like this" story telling. I read Biblical fiction knowing full well that it is "fiction" and nothing else. But I also like how it gets me thinking deeper into the Biblical characters and what was going on in their lives and the culture at that time.


  1. Good answer. I see you have The Spring of Candy Apples. I loved that series!

  2. You're the second person today I've read that recommends Havah. I'll have to check that out. Enjoyed your answers!

    Marvin from Free Spirit blog-

  3. A few people have mentioned Havah. I've put it on my wishlist to buy. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Read good reveiws about Havah but I have not read it yet.