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Saturday, September 13, 2008

In The Shadow Of Lions

Welcome to the blog tour for In The Shadow Of Lions by Ginger Garrett! After you get a feel for the book and the author, be sure to read my thoughts at the end.


Ginger Garrett is the critically acclaimed author of Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther, which was recognized as one of the top five novels of 2006 by the ECPA, and Dark Hour. An expert in ancient women's history, Ginger creates novels and nonfiction resources that explore the lives of historical women.

Her newest release is Beauty Secrets of the Bible, (September 11, Thomas Nelson) based on the historical research that began in her work on Chosen. The book explores the connections between beauty and spirituality, offering women both historical insights and scientific proofs that reveal powerful, natural beauty secrets.

A frequent radio guest on stations across the country, including NPR and Billy Graham's The Hour of Decision, Ginger is also a popular television guest. Her appearances include Harvest Television, Friends & Neighbors, and Babbie's House. Ginger frequently serves as a co-host on the inspirational cable program Deeper Living.

In 2007, Ginger was nominated for the Georgia Author of the Year Award for her novel Dark Hour. When she's not writing, you may spy Ginger hunting for vintage jewelry at thrift stores, running (slowly) in 5k and 10k races, or just trying to chase down one of her errant sheepdogs. A native Texan, she now resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.


"I am the first writer, The Scribe. My books lie open before the Throne, and someday will be the only witness of your people and their time in this world."

So begins the narration of one such angel in this sweeping historical tale set during the reign of England's Henry VIII. It is the story of two women, their guardian angels, and a mysterious, subversive book ... a book that outrages some, inspires others, and launches the Protestant Reformation.

The devout Anne Boleyn catches the eye of a powerful king and uses her influence to champion an English translation of the Bible. Meanwhile, Rose, a broken, suicidal woman of the streets, is moved to seek God when she witnesses Thomas More's public displays of Christian charity, ignorant of his secret life spent eradicating the Bible, persecuting anyone who dares read it.

Historic figures come alive in this thrilling story of heroes and villains, saints and sinners, angels and mortals ... and the sacred book that will inspire you anew. Fans of Francine Rivers and Karen Kingsbury will love Ginger's intriguing combination of rich character development, artful settings, and inspiring historical insights.

If you would like to read an excerpt from In The Shadow Of Lions, go HERE

My thoughts:

Wow! Ginger Garrett takes a subject that we've all studied about at one time or another in school (whether or not we remember it is another matter...ahem! I admit, my memory was sketchy at best. I'll just chalk it up to too many diaper changes!).

Anne Boleyn. We've always known her as the deceitful and manipulative woman trying to get her hands on the crown.

But what if we were wrong?

That's what Ginger asks in this book. What if she was actually a martyr for getting God's word to the people? And as if that's not enough to get your attention, the way the story is told is phenomenal! At first I was completely confused about the Scribe, but once the stories started to unravel I couldn't wait to hear more. Basically, the Scribe gives a NYC editor a "second chance" by showing her Anne's and Rose's stories for her write. And what we get is very thought-provoking, both from the historical story lines and from the spiritual world.

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