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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Calico Canyon Book Tour

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Calico Canyon

Barbour Publishing, Inc (July 1, 2008)


Mary Connealy


MARY CONNEALY is an award-winning author and playwright, married to Ivan a farmer, and the mother of four beautiful daughters, Joslyn, Wendy, Shelly and Katy. They live in Decatur, Nebraska. Mary is a GED Instructor by day and an author by night. And there is always a cape involved in her transformation.

Mary has also written Petticoat Ranch, Golden Days, and her latest, Alaska Brides that will debut in August.


Let yourself be swept away by this fast-paced romance, featuring Grace Calhoun, an instructor of reading, writing, and arithmetic, who, in an attempt to escape the clutchs of a relentless pursuer, runs smack dab into even more trouble with the 6R's - widower Daniel Reeves, along with his five rowdy sons. When a marriage is forced upon this hapless pair - two people who couldn't dislike each other more - an avalanche isn't the only potential danger lurking amid the shadows of Calico Canyon. Will they make it out alive? Or end up killing each other in the process?

Running from her Abusive foster-father, a man intent on revenge, the prim and perfectly proper Grace Calhoun takes on the job of schoolmarm in Mosqueros, Texas.

As if being a wanted woman isn't bad enough, Grace has her hands full with the five rowdy and rambunctious Reeves boys─tough Texan tormenters who seem intent on making her life miserable. When, in an attempt to escape from the clutches of her pursuer, Grace is forced to marry widower Daniel Reeves, father of the miniature monsters, she thinks things couldn't get any worse. Or could they?

Daniel Reeves, happy in his all-male world, is doing the best he can, raising his five boys─rascals, each and every one. Since his wife's death in childbirth, Daniel has been determined never to risk marriage again.

When God throws Grace and Daniel together─two people who couldn't detest each other more─the trouble is only beginning.

Will this hapless pair find the courage to face life together in the isolated Calico Canyon? Or are their differences too broad a chasm to bridge?

If you would like to read the first chapter go HERE

My thoughts:

Oh! This was a fun book! I loved the characters and how Connealy let us see each of their points of view. Mixing romantic tension with some suspense and adversity made for a real page-turner.

In this story we follow Grace who was adopted so that she could be forced into child labor, then escaped so she could earn enough money to send for her sister. When her step dad finds her in Texas she runs for her life only to wonder if where she ended up was worth it. She ends up married to the father of five rambunctious boys, who got her fired from her school teaching job, because of his rowdy boys.

She doesn't want to be there, and they don't want her there. But there is nothing they can do about it when they get snowed in for the winter. I won't spoil it, so you'll have to read and find out if they survive the winter together or not. And if her step dad ever finds her.

I have to say, though, one of my favorite parts is when Daniel is trying to handle his "frustration" with Grace by staying busy. His train of thought cracked me up.

This is the second book in the Lassoed in Texas series. I haven't read the first book, Petticoat Ranch, but it's now on my list. And I cant wait for book #3 to come out.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Reading

Here is my summer reading list. Some of these books I'll read for book tours and post reviews (marked with *). When I post a review I will add the link next to the title below. For the other books I'll add comments about what I thought of them.

I'll add to this list along the way, but here is what I have so far:

Shiloh Autumn ~Bodie & Brock Thoene Mixed feelings on this one. It's really good and very well written (both historically and in style), but the time frame is around the Great Depression, so I found it to be a little...depressing, naturally. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. But I also gained a greater appreciation for the people who lived during that era and what they went through.

* Skizzer ~A.J. Kiesling Click here for my review.

The Scarlet Thread ~Francine Rivers Pretty good, but I didn't like jumping between two different stories so much. Kind of hard to get into, but I liked both story lines.

Alaska Twilight ~Colleen Coble Good story, but I also had a hard time getting into this one (could have just been timing). I do recommend it, though.

Redemtion Series ~Karen Kingsbury with Gary Smalley: So far I really like this series. It's encouraging how good can come from bad and shows the fruit of turning to God.
- Redemption
- Remember
- Return
- Rejoice
- Reunion (putting this one off 'cause I think it's going to be sad)

Heirs of Montana Series ~Tracie Peterson: I've only read the first book, but I'm hooked. It starts during the Civil War and follows a family on the trail to Montana. Very real, but not depressing. Looking forward to the rest of the series and Peterson's other books, too!
- Land of My Heart
- The Coming Storm Ok, I think I've found a new favorite author! LOVE her!
- To Dream Anew
- The Hope Within

* Calico Canyon ~Mary Connealy (2nd book in a series) Click here for the book tour post (reading this one right's really good so far!)

* Wiser Than Serpents ~ Susan May Warren (3rd book in a series) Click here for my review

* Love Starts With Elle ~Rachel Hauck (2nd book in a series) Click here for the book tour post Didn't get a chance to read this one yet. BUT! There will be another tour for this one in October and I'll definitely have read it by then. Cant wait! I also want to read the first book, Sweet Caroline, first.

Try Dying ~James Bell This is the first book in a series. I got it because I'm scheduled to review the second book, Try Darkness, and wanted to be caught up. This is the first time I've read this author. I liked his writing style (written in first person) and really enjoyed the humor/sarcasm throughout, even though it's more of a suspense book. It was a definite page turner, but didn't necessarily "keep me on the edge of my seat." It's also not a "preachy" book, which is nice. The Christian theme is more subtle. I recommend it and am looking forward to the next book.

* Try Darkness ~James Bell Alright, to be brutally honest, this wasn't as good as the first book. The story was interesting but it wasn't as suspenseful. It was more of a casual read and not as much the "page turner" as I hoped it would be. I still liked the humor/sarcasm and I'd recommend it. I guess I just expected more. You can check out the tour post here (but I didn't finish reading it in time to post my thoughts on it until after the tour was over).

* Finding Stephanie ~Susan May Warren (3rd book in a series) Click here for my review.

* Twice Loved ~ Lori Copeland (1st book in a series) I'll post my review of this in late August.

* Books that are part of a book tour. See links for reviews.

Be sure to check out more Summer Reading here:

~ Jenni at Conversations With My Hairdryer

If you have a summer reading list or would like to start one just post it on your blog and let me know. I'll link to your blog!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

June Book List

For the month of June you can enjoy hearing about:

Calico Canyon by Mary Connealy